I’m not the biggest fan of boba drinks, but it seems like the rest of the world is. So when friends want boba, this is the one and only place I’ll take them. Like pasta, boba should be cooked al dente; a little resistance to the bite, firm but not hard, chewy but not sticky. Green Tea Café does it right. Their cold drinks/smoothies are a perfect blend of ingredients and flavors. Their warm drinks are heaven on earth. By far my favorite is the warm black sesame followed closely by the almond.

thick toast

But the real secret of why I bring my friends here? Selfish, hidden intentions! All along, while they enjoy their boba, I had intended to satisfy my food cravings. The fried red bean pastries are warm toasty bundles of O-faces. But speaking of toast and O-faces, do NOT skip the thick toast with condensed milk. No, I’m not sharing. Enjoy your boba suckers!

Green Tea Cafe
45 Mott St
New York, NY 10013

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  1. Serah Says:

    Alex! You eat soooo well! C’mon, you’re eating “kobe burgers” while I’m having “McDonald’s” hahaha. I *have* to go to NY again now and go to all these places you mentioned in your blog! Smart (and sneaky) using this scrumptious blog to pull everyone in CA to visit you. You’re totally taking me out to eat!

  2. Jen Su Says:

    Is this the same one in Chinatown? I went to one called Teariffic…also on Mott…when I was in Manhattan! - Jen (annie’s friend)

  3. Says:

    [...] Green Tea Café [...]

  4. admin Says:

    yup! the one in chinatown, right next to teariffic which is good in its own right.

  5. Says:

    WARM BLACK SESAME! That too is my drink of choice…but I only eat like 10 boba before I get sick of it.

  6. Steph Says:

    =D =9!!! That’s right!

  7. Alexeatsworld Says:

    Sarah-Dane at 7:02pm January 21
    “your blog makes me hungry!”

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