Café Boulud: the definition of a 5 star dining experience. Beautiful space, seamless service, enticing atmosphere, impeccable attention to detail, and delectable food.


House Cured Salmon
Take all your pre-existing memories of cured salmon and flush it down the toilet. Cured salmon / lox dishes have a tendency to be stringy and really salty. These however are thick, sashimi grade slices of salmon. They really just melt in your mouth and have a lingering sweet taste. Simply divine.

squash soup

Winter Squash Veloute
Thick pureed soup bursting with delicate flavors. I couldn’t put the spoon down. This is probably the best soup I’ve ever had.


Ricotta & Spinach Raviolo with chicken egg yolk and wild mushroom fricassee
Plated to perfection, this is definitely eye-candy. A very light and refreshing dish with long lasting flavors that seem to dance forever on your taste buds. The egg was slightly overcooked however, sadly failing to spill its golden yolk over the raviolo.

veal cheek

Braised Veal Cheeks
For those readers who haven’t discovered the magic of cheek meat, you’re missing out big time. Always the most tender and prized piece of meat in any animal. There’s fall off the bone tender then there’s Café Boulud’s veal cheek’s tender. I couldn’t have said it better than : “Cooked long and slow, the muscles of the meat break down and become even more tender until they are edible with a spoon. The collagen embedded within the muscles turns to gelatin, cloaking the meat in a full-bodied beefy glaze.” Yah, and you wanted to go vegetarian on me.

banana dessertPassion Fruit and Banana Cake with Banana Mousse, Passion Fruit Gelee and Lime Shebert

chocolate financier

Chocolate Financier: Chiboust Cream, Caramelized Pecan, Vanilla Ice Cream and Crème Brulee on a soft fudge chocolate cake!

I’m not a fan of bananas or chocolate but these desserts may have converted me to the dark side. Café Boulud, I’m in love.

Café Boulud
20 E 76th St
New York, NY 10021

7 Responses to “Café Boulud: My Favorite Restaurant in NY?”

  1. Caleb Says:

    wow. you should include prices in your reviews not all of us are as baller as you

  2. Helen Says:

    You have a really nice camera, Alex! The salmon looks so succulent. If I come visit you in NYC, I expect you to show me around to these fabulous restaurants. =D

  3. Says:

    And that is a $24 lunch menu…

  4. Alexeatsworld Says:

    Yup, caleb, thats a 24$ prix fix lunch menu!

  5. niyoh Says:

    Veal cheeks…. yummmmm dude your pics are really crisp, and the lighting is good too, well done

  6. amieeee Says:

    take me there please ;_________;

  7. Says:

    Looks so good!! I would be all over that pretty ravioli.

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