First of all, Asian restaurant and amazing service almost never belong in the same sentence. However, Home on 8th treats service like those Asian parents who would ground and beat you for getting a 95% on your math test. It had to be perfect, and perfect it was. I accidentally dropped a fork and instantly saw the waiter perform a sharp pivot to come and replace it. The entrees were served after the appetizers were finished and the check wasn’t at the table until the table was cleared, leftovers were packed and until we asked for it 15 mins later. No herding you out here.


It was Chinese New Years and I accomplished quite a few things with this meal. I finally found another good Chinese restaurant in the city. I finally found good food of any kind near Penn Station. Most amazingly, I finally had an ALL vegetarian meal! (if you don’t count the protein shake I had right before. It wasn’t dinner…)


Onto the food, the Vegetarian Peking Buns (soymeat, scallion, hoisin sauce) had just the right amount of everything. The bread was fluffy, the soymeat lightly pan fried. Great texture, great flavors. The Cold Buckwheat Noodle with Peanut-Vinegar Sauce was very refreshing. However, I like my noodles al dente and these were too limp for me. The dish could have used some cucumber slices to cut the peanut-vinegar sauce as well.


The String Beans, Eggplant & Bean Curd Sauteed in Spicy Garlic Sauce had bold strong flavors. The string beans were cooked perfectly, crisp and sweet. The Glass Noodle Curry with fried tofu, kabocha, and veggies could have been a bit spicier and the curry slightly thicker and stronger flavored but that’s really me just being picky.


I may just have to go back tomorrow to try the meat dishes. Thinking about the halibut sautéed in white garlic sauce and black pepper beef are making me hungry…already. It’s a home run on 8th.

Home on 8th
391 8th Ave
New York, NY 10184

5 Responses to “Home on 8th: And..It’s a Home Run”

  1. Says:

    Yummy those noodles look delicious. Vegetarian? Neat!

    And this sentence was hilarious:

    Home on 8th treats service like those Asian parents who would ground and beat you for getting a 95% on your math test.

    Ah yes… reminds me of home…. haha.

  2. Serah Says:

    Argh, another post to torture us all. I should kill you but first I need to visit this place and then kill you, muahahha! Jk u know I say it with love haha. Wow you totally had some of my favorite dishes in this post. Goodness gracious, vegetarian peking duck? Very nice, since I’m semi-vegetarian ^_^V

    Did I ever tell you that during wedding banquets I’m the peking duck cow? I seriously eat all of it and I always ask other tables that barely eat (u know, there’s always one of them out there) if they would give it to me. Somehow I’m usually stuck with a bunch of cows like myself hahah.

  3. Alex Says:

    My parents were a little more lax and let me get 90% on my math tests before beating me.

  4. amieeee Says:

    omg those peking buns look sooooo fluffyyyyyyy i want to curl up inside it and fall asleep

  5. Alexeatsworld Says:

    @Alex: hahaha. lucky you!
    @Serah: wow, life story in a comment! i’ll bring you here when you’re in NY next
    @amieeee: all you ever want to do is sleep! =)

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