New York is hurting bad.  Only a few months ago, I had trouble getting restaurant reservations and walk-ins were impossible.  Even my local neighborhood restaurants were packed.  Fast-forward to present day and reservations are almost guaranteed and lines are non-existent.  In fact, some nice restaurants are eerily empty on Friday/Sat nights.

It’s no surpise that places have extended NY Restaurant Week (which was already two weeks) to the end of February.  Some have even made this permanent for all of 2009…and some are offering to replace dessert with wine!  This website does a great job at aggregating the data.  Enjoy.  I know I will.

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  1. guest Says:

    you can tell by looking at my “bonus”

  2. Alexeatsworld Says:

    Andrew via facebook - “Dude, sick - thanks for the heads up. I went to North Square last night and it was solid. Any places on the extension list you’d recommend?”

  3. Says:

    [...] æ?ºå?? Inc. wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptfood blog. restaurant reviews. New York. San Francisco. NYC food reviews. Best in NYC. AlexEatsWorld is a place to centralize and publicize my excessive addiction to food and my penchant for overeating; a place to show the world just … [...]

  4. Jen Su Says:

    I know right?? How exciting:

    I want to be in NYC right now! Except for the COLD!

  5. Says:

    i want to treat my mom someplace nice for her birthday. What’s a good restaurant (with RW menu) that you’d recommend? I prefer menus that are veggie/fish friendly and relatively healthy please. Thanks.

  6. Alexeatsworld Says:

    @kim: Give Atlantic Grill a try

  7. Says:

    thanks Alex

  8. Says:

    what about nougatine?

  9. Says:

    how about a restaurant with a lunch menu? Atlanta Grill only serves dinner.

  10. Alexeatsworld Says:

    Hi Kim, why don’t you give Cafe Boulud a try? I blogged about them so take a look that post. They have a monkfish entree option also which I didn’t try but heard was great.

    I’d stay away from nougatine. Went last night and will post my review soon. Here’s another reveiw as well

  11. Says:

    can’t see the RW lunch menu on the website.

  12. Alexeatsworld Says:

    I’d give them a call, the menu could change. But one of the best places in the city

  13. Says:

    I did Primehouse for lunch for restaurant week. Great housemade bialy’s, nice choices with great B.R. Guest service.

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