The holy grail of all NY cart food never comes easy. Lines start forming 30 min before they open at 7:30pm and never subside. 4am? Line’s probably a 45 min wait. Rain? Probably a 30 min wait. The lack of tables also means you’re eating on the curb or trying to perfect the asian squat.

The chicken is juicy and the gyro lamb is probably the tastiest gyro meat I’ve ever had. The yellow rice is well flavored and this all comes with a few pieces of amazingly fluffy pita bread. Now, onto the sauces. The white sauce is like crack mayo, something is just so addictive about it, not that I know what…. nevermind, and their hot sauce is just pure evil. You think you know spicy? Try eating fire.


I suddenly had an intense craving for a heaping bowl of chicken and lamb over rice smothered with their diet busting white sauce and beyond evil hot sauce. Outside it’s 30 degrees below freezing. The snow is coming down hard with wind gusts of up to 30 mph. I stupidly say to myself that there wouldn’t be a line tonight. After 20 minutes freezing minutes, I get my food. 20 minutes after that, I can finally feel my toes and fingers again. 20 minutes after that and my tongue is no longer on fire. Not sure what it is, but this chicken and rice mecca just calls your name. Mine included.


Apologize for the craptastic sneaky photo from my blackberry, but I had include this to show just how crazy addicted people are to this chicken/rice drug. Remember, its 30 degrees BELOW freezing.

53rd and 6th Halal Cart
53rd St & 6th Ave
New York, NY 10079

7 Responses to “Addicted to 53rd and 6th Halal Cart”

  1. Says:

    Too bad I’m a vegetarian. I’ve heard so many great things about this cart and I always pass by it in the morning hours (after everyone goes into meat coma). Btw, have you tried Dovetail?

  2. Alexeatsworld Says:

    haha. yah that cart is great. haven’t tried dovetail but probably will sometime. Heard too many negative things about it.

  3. Says:

    Damn that sounds good! Any place comparable in SF??

  4. Alexeatsworld Says:

    @lisa: nope, its like burritos in SD and taco trucks in LA, its chicken and rice carts for NY =)

  5. Jen Su Says:

    totally been here, totally squatted under this dingy red overhang, totally was sprinkling!

  6. Says:

    gosh i hate gyro lamb, i always feel like hurling afterwards. (well i did, in fact, do just that for 3 days after one unhappy meal..) but those pictures have given me hope that one day i’ll try it again. one day… in the distant future….

    =) chicken looks yummy though!!! the asian squat - hilarious!

  7. Amanda Says:

    haha omg, this is the best. cheap and awesome. id go there for lunch if i worked near there.

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