Nougatine is a renowned establishment in the Michelin rated Jean-Georges’ restaurant empire. Jean-Georges is known for his daring combination of bold flavors and his ability to create a uniquely textured dining experience. His dishes play to all your senses; smell, taste, vision.

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But chalk one up to the critics of restaurant week. There are no choices in the dinner menu though it does seem to change everyday so make sure to call ahead. You’re might be better off visiting for lunch as that menu has a myriad of food choices. Either way, good restaurants at this caliber shouldn’t be hit or miss.

Our meal started off with the chef’s amuse, a shot of creamed fennel soup with a drop of basil oil paired with fresh crab meat over a crispy wanton skin. Already you have Jean-Georges signature texture. The perfectly crisp wanton skin with carrot brittle mixed into soft delicate crab meat. This all paired amazingly will with the creamy and smooth fennel soup which was bursting with the fresh flavor of fennel. Details make a dish and while the food tantalized my taste buds, the drop of basil oil in the soup wafted through my nose and I was in heaven. It was like taking in a breath of fresh forest air after the rain.

nougatine soup

Unfortunately, things feel back to earth with a crash. The butternut squash soup had too much cream. The salmon dish that came out next looked visually stunning but was absolutely tasteless. The salmon lacked its natural sweetness giving me the impression that it wasn’t all that fresh. I can cook up a better salmon dish any day. The beef was dry and the sauce overbearing. I wasn’t a fan of the texture either; too much going on in this dish.

nougatine dessert

The dessert was a sampling of all their signature sweets. All good but each with flaws I couldn’t pass up. That said, I am still definitely looking forward to eat at his namesake and flagship restaurant, Jean-Georges.

Nougatine at Jean-Georges
1 Central Park W
New York, NY 10023

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