Umami, maui, maim, umi…sorry, I was obsessively playing anagrams on those personal TVs on my flight back to NYC. Now I think of it, my frantic finger pushing of that touch screen must have bothered the hell out of the person sitting in front of me.

Anyways, UMAMI burger, OH MI MAMI this is one great burger place. Umami means the 5th sense. After smell, sight, touch, sound, I guess my 5th sense was best described as…orgasmic.

BUNS! My dear readers, buns are a very very important item. I’ve had a lot of buns in my life…firm and soft, all shapes and sizes. I thought I had found my favorite (brioche) but these Portuguese/Asian buns proved me so wrong. Pillowy soft yet firm enough to hold its own, this slightly sweet BURGER bun was a cross between brioche and a coconut bun from a Chinese bakery.

My favorite was the So-Cal burger which is like an upscale In-n-out burger, with butter lettuce, a 3 quarter pound beef patty, home made gruyere cheese mixture, tomatoes and their house-made sauce.

The Umami Burger was the essence of a 5th sense. The juicy beef patty is cut with a crispy parmesan cheese wafer. Even the tomatoes are grilled, which apparently brings out more flavors. Oh, and top that with grilled mushroom, which makes everything twice as good, this burger was kick ass.

The blue cheese they used was way too overpowering in their blue cheese burger. And the grilled sweet onions took away too much from the subtle natural beef flavor of the patties.

Finally, if you like onion rings, you cannot miss these golden beauties. Called tempura onion rings, these are breaded with extremely thin tempura mix and come amazingly crispy and salted with large sea salt. How come nobody has every thought of salting onion rings?! It’s amazing!

I was bummed that they sold out of what is supposed their most popular burger, the Triple Pork Burger, with ground pork, chorizo, smoked bacon, aged manchego and pimento aioli!!! You know where I can be found next time I’m in LA.

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

3 Responses to “Umami Burger: OH MI MAMI”

  1. Says:

    Aw, I thought this was on the east coast so I could eat some :(

  2. Regan Says:

    Haven’t tried this place, but if you are ever in the Sacramento area, you have to try Squeeze Inn.

  3. Says:

    Oo, you definitely hit up some great LA hotspots! I’ve heard only good things about Umami Burger, and your review reinforces my beliefs!

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